How Can You Tell An Active Shooter From A Good Guy With A Gun?

Stephen Paddock, Las Vegas Shooter, known before as gentle giant by Neighbors ( ABC News)

We have all heard of the story about a hero who swooped at the last minutes and saved victims from a gun violence encounter.

As a way to honor the savior, one thing is required from us.

We are expected to allow loose gun regulations to increase his chances of obtaining a gun and carrying it anywhere and anytime he want.

No one wants to obstruct him in his super hero vigils.

Several questions arise when the this heroic story starts crumbling down, like it happened in Las Vegas and Uvalde, Texas:

What happens when this hero/savior turns to the monster he is supposed to fight?

What happens to those who perpetuate the myth of an armed savior, when their story can no longer hold?

This NRA’s motif of ‘a good guy with a gun’ was initially meant to give an easy time for gun manufacturing companies to continue profiting, is no longer holding up.

Until the story got repeated again and again, just like Soviet propaganda, until many people started believing it.

There is one question that NRA cannot answer;

How to differentiate an active shooter from a good guy with a gun when the shooting starts?

They dress the same, probably have the same rifle, both are shooting.


The gullibility of the masses in believing the fantasy posited by the National Rifle Association that a good guy with a gun could stop a mass shooting is shocking.

Before the Las Vegas mass shooting, Stephen Paddock, the shooter, fitted into good guy character traits; her neighbors said he was a “gentle giant.”

Hotel staff said he was “outwardly normal,” while his girlfriend said she would never have believed he would have ever done so.

Most mass shooters are good guys until they start spraying bullets to a crowd of horrified civilians who, minutes ago, had a normal conversation.

Most if not all, have a clean criminal record.

They forget that no good guy carries a weapon everywhere he goes.

Unless necessity calls for it.

Any real good guy know that there is no need to egoistically troll around, brandishing a deadly weapon as a holy grail sign of freedom.

This myth have made many people believe that tackling gun violence requires allowing loose gun regulations in effort of making sure that good guys always have a gun.

This has had baneful effect nationwide as some states halts any effort to implement gun control policy. States with strict gun control policy also get to suffer gun violence instigated using smuggled guns.

Meanwhile, those who perpetuate this narrative get the last laughter.

Let’s not forget NRA’s primary objective is how much sponsorship funds they will accrue from corporate donors, not the stability of the communities, society, or even the nation.

Any firearm company, just like capitalism dictates, aims to maximize profit margins for investors regardless of how much blood is spilled on the streets.

If America is to end as a king over the graveyard, it wouldn’t matter to them long as profits are stashed somewhere in their pockets or in an island.



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